Teeth Whitening With Clermont Dentists

You wouldn’t think Teeth Whitening would be a controversial subject. But just try bringing up the topic sometime in a group of friends, family, or coworkers. One loves it, one heard it hurts, one is all for do-it-yourself whiteners. One would never do that again.

“I tried to whiten my own teeth at home. It was a sticky mess.”

People seem to be under the impression that home whitening treatments are just those treatments you buy at the local drug store. They can be. But it’s a little misleading. Clermont dentists of course perform an array of in-office whitening treatments, but they also have many in-home options as well.

The main complaint from people who use these over-the-counter whiteners is that the trays are uncomfortable. That’s the beauty of going to a teeth whitening dentist: They can fit you for a tray specifically fitted and made for your mouth.

It’s kind of a happy medium. You can whiten your teeth away from the teeth whitening dentist’s chair in an hour, (or in some instances even while you sleep) yet you have the guidance of a Clermont dentist to make sure you get the greatest possible benefit from the treatment.

Another comment you hear people say:

“I don’t want to bleach my teeth. That sounds painful. I do want to whiten them though.”

So what’s the difference between “whitening” and “bleaching”?

“Whitening” is when you’ve had enough of the dingy yellow teeth and you’re searching diligently for a Clermont dentist to restore your chompers to their original white splendor before your high school reunion.

“Bleaching” is when products are used which contain bleach to more aggressively change the color of the tooth.

But often you hear the word “whitening” even when a product contains bleach because, well, “whitening” sounds like something that will make your teeth glisten like pearls. “Bleaching” sounds like something you do to your sweat socks.

“My sister and I went to the same teeth whitening dentist. She loved her results. I hated mine.”

There are many reasons why two people can go to the same dentist, get the same treatment, and not feel the same about the results. (Assuming that your sister isn’t just much easier to please than you are.)

Age of a patient, damage that’s been done to the tooth, if you smoke, if you’ve taken Tetracycline during the time when the tooth was forming, if you’ve had too much fluoride… all could be determining factors of how well your teeth might react to whitening treatments.

It’s fine to hear what your friends, relatives, and coworkers have to say about their own teeth whitening experiences. But to ensure that you will get the best possible result, it’s important to consult with your Clermont dentist so you can feel confident when you walk into your teeth whitening appointment that you know what will and won’t work for YOU…not for your friend, coworker, or your sister who never complains about anything.

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